Feb 16

The leaf that withered away


Edited: Feb 16


Suddenly  I was plucked,

off of the tree. And I was on the way,

to meet with an early demise,

as I slowly fell to the ground.

And you just stood there,

watching as I slowly broke down.

The ground was harsh,

unlike the usual life I had.

Intense pain, was all I could feel,

as it embraced me like its brother.

And you just stood there,

watching, as I silently suffered.

Moved by my suffering,

the wind cradled me in its arms,

trying it's best to just,

take me far, far away.

And you just stood there,

watching, like you don't even care.

But my time was ending,

I knew, it'll all be over soon.

Brown, coloured out my last

traces of life, leaving me dry.

And you just stood there,

watching, as I finally crumpled up and died.


- Yash D


The leaf that withered away- By Yash D


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