Feb 16




It all changed very suddenly. We were cruising at quite a considerable speed, the chilly winter air hitting us hard from whatever gaps it could find in the all window shut bus when suddenly it had to take the exit from the freeway. 


The brakes squealed and the axles groaned at the sudden load they were mercilessly subjected to. A few of sleeping heads banged onto the seats before them and while some of them jerked awake, the more experienced ones just turned around and continued snoring.


I looked ahead to see an endless stream of red lights stationary stretched out in front of the bus, bodies thrumming as engines continued spewing out endless smoke which seemed to be adding weight to the slightly dense evening fog that just began to settle in.

Beside, on the freeway, more vehicles sped past. All of them home bound after a long day of work. There was a sea of gold as well across the divider headed in the opposite direction. I felt bad seeing them all go past while I was stuck here for definitely another half hour judging by the length. But then immediately found solace from the fact that they're bound towards some exit somewhere and when they do, its the same story again! After what seemed like forever the bus slugged on while many lucky pedestrians overtook all the so called "top speed hitting" luxury/sport cars on foot. The City was pretty impartial. Whatever be the car it has to be a part of this slow funeral march. But it stopped again. And some of the clever heads got down deciding they would reach home faster on foot. The not so lucky last stoppers like me sat watching helplessly. Almost a good part of the hour later we finally break free from the shackles of traffic and the bus hits the top speed in like no time. And all of us sit back relaxed, hoping to see home quite soon. But fate or rather the traffic has other plans for us here and throws us another bloody jam right onto our face. Clock ticks past faster than the bus, and we resign ourselves to fate and get back to our phones and stuff. And to just imagine this would be our plight for the rest of our lives.


-Yash D


Jammed - By Yash D


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